Staying Safe

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, School Smart is working to support customers in their efforts to stay safe and look after their students and colleagues. This range of products includes face masks, face visors, hand sanitiser and associated products.

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  • Antibacterial Wipes (Box of 40 packs)

    Our wipes have been produced to be effective and safe in all School, College and University environments.

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  • Disposable Face Masks (Box of 50)

    These 3-ply disposable face masks feature a 3-layer filter with 2SS non-woven on inner and outer plys. The middle ply is 25gsm BEF99 medical level filter.

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  • Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

    A heavy duty steel dispenser which helps to reduce the risk of spreading viruses and infections by enabling sanitiser gel to be dispensed without having to touch the pump with hands.

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  • Hand Sanitisation Station     

    Our self-contained sanitiser station is made from recycled durable material which is easy to clean. The unit dispenses gel from a 5L container so there is no requirement for decanting to refill.

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  • Hand Sanitiser 250ml (Box of 28)

    Hygienic hand sanitiser gel for hand disinfection, specially formulated with moisturisers giving a soft and pleasant feeling on the skin.

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  • Hand Sanitiser 5 litres (Box of 4)

    This hand sanitiser comes in a 5L container and is suitable for refilling mounted dispensers in areas where student safety is a priority

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  • Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Wall Mounted)

    This wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser features a hand-operated pump and is capable of holding 500ml of sanitising gel.

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  • Hand Washing Station

    Portable and self-contained, our hand washing stations require no plumbing or electrics and can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors.

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  • Particulate Respirator Face Mask (Box of 50)

    These 5-layer composite face masks feature white non-woven fabric and a hot air cotton layer between 2 layers of melt-blown filter fabric.

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  • Reusable Full Face Protective Visor

    In stock now in our UK warehouse.

    • CE certified
    • Optically clear 500mic laminated polyester (PET)*
    • Flexible & easy to assemble
    • Supplied flat-packed for easy & cost-effective transportation
    • Can be cleaned using standard cleaning & disinfectant chemicals allowing for repeat use
    • Low cost, effective solution
    • Manufactured in UK
    • Complies with BS EN 166:2002
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