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  • Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (Sanitizer Station 1.0)

    A heavy duty stainless steel dispenser which helps to reduce the risk of spreading viruses and infections by enabling sanitiser gel to be dispensed without having to touch the pump with hands.

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  • wall mounted hand sanitiser dispenser

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

    This wall-mounted bulk fill hand sanitiser dispenser features a hand-operated pump and is capable of holding 1 litre of sanitising gel.

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  • hand gel pump

    5 Litre Sanitiser Pump Dispenser

    This lockable pump dispenser screws into the top of a 5 litre container wihth a standard 38mm thread. It is suitable for use with our Hand Sanitiser Gel 5 Litres and our Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser Gel 5 Litres.

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  • automatic hand gel dispenser

    Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

    This is a stainless steel dispenser which gives touchless dispensing of sanitiser gel. The gel reservoir holds 650ml and the amount dispensed (per dispense) can be adjusted from 0.8ml to 6.5ml.

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  • towel dispenser

    Paper Towel Dispenser

    This Paper Towel Dispenser Takes standard C Fold Hand Towels (up to 600) and comes with wall fixings included.

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