Staying Safe

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  • Antiviral Disinfectant 5 Litre (box of 2)

    This antiviral disinfectant is effective against coronavirus and kills 99.9% of germs and viruses.

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  • Hand Washing Station

    Portable and self-contained, our hand washing stations require no plumbing or electrics and can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors.

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  • Hand Sanitisation Station     

    Our self-contained sanitiser station is made from recycled durable material which is easy to clean. The unit dispenses gel from a 5L container so there is no requirement for decanting to refill.

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  • Sanitiser Station Heavy Duty

    These hand sanitiser stations feature a heavy duty build, constructed entirely from galvanised steel, and are finished with a durable powder coating. In stock now in our UK warehouse.

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  • Disposable Face Masks (Box of 50)

    These 3-ply disposable face masks feature a 3-layer filter with 2SS non-woven on inner and outer plys. The middle ply is 25gsm BEF99 medical level filter.

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