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  • washable face mask

    Washable Face Mask – Case of 100

    These excellent quality washable face masks are made from2-ply anti-bacterial polycotton and feature flexible ear loops. They are machine washable/re-usable and are available in three colours: black, grey and white. This product is sold in cases of 100 masks and is also available as a branded option. These masks can be washed over and over again therefore contribute zero to landfill.

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  • Three Ply Non-Woven Disposable Face Mask 1000 x 1000

    Type IIR Non-Sterile Face Masks EN14683 (case of 3000)

    These Type IIR face masks are a non-sterile face mask manufactured to EN:14683:2019, CE class 1. They offer high grade protection to reduce risk of contamination. They are designed for single use and feature a three-ply construction.

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  • Reuseable slim protective visor

    Reusable Slim Protective Visor

    A lightweight face visor made from optically clear 450 micron polyester and not laminated.

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  • 21835-hand-washing-station

    Hand Washing Station

    Portable and self-contained, our hand washing stations require no plumbing or electrics and can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors.

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  • virucidal surface wipes

    Virucidal Wipes for Surfaces (80% Alcohol) – 60 Wipes

    These Virucidal Surface Wipes with 80% Alcohol are 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria.

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  • antiviral disinfectant surface wipes

    Antiviral Disinfectant Surface Wipes (Case of 12 packs)

    Effective and safe in all school, college, university and office environments, these wipes have been independently tested to European Standard BS EN 14476 and found to be effective against enveloped viruses which includes Coronaviruses..

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  • tear resistant antibacterial wipes

    Tear Resistant Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes (case of 4 buckets containing 300 wipes each)

    These strong, tear resistant anti-bacterial wipes are suitable for use in a range of heavy duty situations and environments. They can be used on adhesives, grease, oil, paint, polyurethane foam, silicone and more, whether it’s on the hands, hard surfaces or tools. These wipes buckets can be positioned securely at a handy height using the wall mounted bucket holder.


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  • disposable nitrile gloves

    Nitrile Disposable Gloves (Case of 10 Packs, 100 gloves per pack)

    These Nitrile Disposable Gloves are manufactured to conform to the PPE standard CE2777, Cat 3, Type B.

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  • gauntlet gloves

    Rubber Gauntlet Gloves (Large – Case of 144 Pairs)

    These Rubber Gauntlet Gloves are 330mm long, flocked lined Nitrile and chemical resistant with cotton lining. They conform to the PPE standard CE0321, are coloured blue and come in packs of 144 pairs.

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  • disposable vinyl gloves

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves (Case of 10 Packs, 100 gloves per pack)

    These Vinyl Disposable Gloves are clear and and powder free, made from 100% synthetic PVC and coming in packs of 100 gloves.

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