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Protect Your Sports Hall Floor with Smartsquare

High quality sports hall flooring protection, keeping your sports hall in perfect condition in any event.


What is SmartSquare?

SmartSquare is a top quality sports hall protection solution, turning your sports hall into a suitable room for anything you might need it for!

  • With the help of Smartsquare, you can quickly and easily provide on-demand protection to the flooring of your sports hall. This keeps it in ideal condition for use as and when needed.
  • Installation is made to be as simple as possible, with each flooring package split up into simple modules. This allows for rapid set-up, meaning no time is wasted or lost.
  • With just two people, you could cover a full 600m2 sports hall. This would allow you to carry out the full set-up and placement of all modules in just 45 minutes as a pair.
  • This speed allows for the easiest, simplest set-up possible. Take out the stress in trying to find a temporary solution to keep the flooring of any sports hall well conditioned.
  • Avoid damaging the sports hall with the scraping of chairs and sliding of desks. Keep the flooring underneath perfect for taking part in indoor sports, with a mark-free surface.
  • Smartsquare requires no taping products to be used or any kind of adhesive product. This protects the flooring of your surface without any extra content being needed.
  • Not only does it help to protect the floor from lasting damage, but it will keep the floor free from further scraping and scratching that could be an expensive repair job.
  • Get longer out of your sports hall with on-demand solutions that get your floor protected and kept free from damage; great for giving students peace and quiet to carry out their tasks.
  • Perfect for use in various events. Suitable for turning a sports hall into an exam hall, and various other indoor facilities where a normal sports floor might not be suitable.

Enjoy Lasting Durability with Smartsquare

One thing that always matters to us when providing sports hall flooring cover is to make sure the results last. You want to keep the floor protected, but you also want to keep your protection in good condition. With Smartsquare, you get a durable solution that stays pristine for the long-term.

  • All of our flooring products are manufactured from the best waterproof fibres. By using a durable and synthetic strain made for protecting floors, we know that the floor protection will last.
  • This keeps it in good condition for the long-term, with no damage done to the flooring thanks to its hardwearing qualities. Stains, too, will be resisted due to the nature of fibre.
  • Each section is designed to be nice and easy for you to clean up, too. Simply go through the flooring with a vacuum and you will find that the flooring will lift up any dirt/debris easily.
  • Has the floor become wet or soaked in any capacity? Then all it needs is to be hosed down and then left to dry. This tough, resistant surface will help to make sure no excess lies on top.
  • The covering is designed for constant use and regular walking on by students. Easy to lay down and to keep down, it helps create a temporary floor that retains its bounce and strength.
  • If you want flooring that you know can handle the pace of the day, then Smartsquare is designed for fast set-up, regular use, and sustaining spills and other issues.
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Save Time and Money with Smartsquare

Thanks to our sports hall protective cover, you can enjoy saving money on building costs. Now, you can avoid having the extra expense of permanent exam room flooring.

  • This multi-purpose solution could be used to turn a sports hall into an assembly room, an exam hall, a workshop, or anything else that requires softer flooring.
  • With smartsquare a room can be transformed in minimal time. You could even hire out your space to other users, making a long-term income from your safe flooring.
  • With such speed of installation, you can create an excellent acoustic experience. Great for putting down before musical and theatre productions taking place in the school.
  • Simple to store, offering an effective solution for on-demand floor changing.

Make exams easier to sit for all students

  • Thanks to Smartsquare, you can create a much quieter and easier experience for all students who are sitting their exams. Remove distraction by muffling sound and improving acoustics.
  • Allow students to focus on passing their exam ahead of anything else with a top quality examination floor setup. Great for removing outside interference and sound that could distract.
  • Get rid of echoes around the room and make sure that students are not put off by distractions, therefore helping to keep their focus where it should be – on the exam in front of them.
  • Protect your sports hall and make sure it is suitable for turning into anything that you need as and when you require it. Great for creating calmness during exams, reducing distraction.
  • Set up ideal examination conditions, allowing children to focus on the knowledge in their minds instead of the visual and audio distractions taking place all around them.
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Save space and do more with your sports hall

  • Installation is made simple through Smartkar trolley systems. Great for helping you to lay down the pieces with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency. Avoid long setup times.
  • The Smartkar trolley is designed for seamless, scrape-free movement across all sports flooring mediums. Ideal for simple, strain-free installation.
  • Durable and safe to use – made suitable for not just one set of exams, but every set of exams to come for the years in the future. An excellent addition to any facility with a sports hall.
  • So long as you store this in a dry place, you can make sure that this should stay in pristine condition for the long-term. Can handle weather extremes, but has to be kept dry.

Get everything installed in just a matter of minutes

  • Just two people could carry out a full installation of the flooring system.
  • We can show you what to do to make sure you can fit as much as 200m2 in just 15 minutes. This means you could cover a whopping 600m2 of space in just 45 minutes!
  • Great for improving the coverage of your flooring to prevent damage, the system ensures you get a flooring that fits with the needs of your chosen event.
  • Not just for exams; great for indoor celebrations, events, and occasions of any kind that you might choose to host.
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Make the saving you need today with Smartsquare sports floor protection

Having a large sports hall facility in place in your workplace is a great benefit to you in the long-term. Not only could you rent out that sports hall, but you could easily utilise that hall for other events. From indoor events usually held outdoors to celebrations for staff and students, you can do so much with this flooring.

Smartsquare allows you to reduce the time and challenges involved in set-up. Avoid scraping and damaging your sports hall flooring with the help of the simplest solution on the market today.

You can get lessons on the go quickly and easily. Save time, avoid having staff using valuable time fitting flooring. Make the most of the space that you have with our sports hall protection coverage.

Set this up today, and you can make sure your floors are well protected during any indoor event. Save yourself the risk of damaging your sports flooring. Contact us today to arrange a full consultation regarding your sports floor protection

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