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Achievement Guide

What to include in a student Portfolio

Now is the time to help students to build a portfolio so that they have something tangible to present at future interviews.
Their portfolio should include the following information:

o CV
o Personal Statement
o Work Experience Statement
o Work Experience Certificate
o Year 11 Report
o GCSE Results
o Certificates from school. E.g. music, sport, dance, drama, peer mentoring, attendance, attitude.
o Certificates from activities outside of school.
We suggest pupils should constantly upgrade their portfolio through higher education and even into employment.
It is a useful place to keep records of the great things they have achieved and is something they should, and will, be proud of.
The portfolio will last throughout their careers if they use it effectively.
Top 5 Tips:
1. Make sure that good quality paper is used to print off personal information.
2. Check that pupils keep their progress file up to date at all times.
3. Ensure every new qualification or certificate is put into their file so they don’t get lost.
4. Encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular activities, mention that this will show initiative and interest.
5. Be positive; try to turn all their situations into learning/positive opportunities 


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