University Of Derby Luxury Certificate Holder


Luxury hand-made leather certificate holders, with watered silk inside to hold 2 illustrious A4 certificates, embossed with your university crest. Perfect for students!

  • Union Jack Made In Britain
  • Personal Service
  • Fast Delivery


Ensure that graduates safely store their awards.  The luxury certificate holder is covered in navy blue leather with a grey watered-silk interior that holds either 1 or 2 certificates.  This is large enough to be easily findable and also protects the valuable documents. Overall dimensions 318 mm tall x 225 mm wide with 14mm spine.

These certification holders are built with a rich, padded background that ensures it cannot be damaged or broken. A high quality certification system that comes with the logo from the University of Derby. Keep all of your diplomas and the like in one simple, easy to access document that minimises storage.

The University of Derby has grown to become one of the leading names in the British education system. A crucial part of education in the Midlands.