University Of Salford Luxury Certificate Holder


Luxury hand-made leather certificate holders, with watered silk inside to hold 2 illustrious A4 certificates, embossed with your university crest. Perfect for students!

  • Union Jack Made In Britain
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Preserve and protect degree certificates in a luxury certificate holder.  Traditional navy blue leather exterior with Salford crest printed in gold and grey watered-silk interior designed to hold either 1 or 2 certificates.  Overall dimensions 318 mm tall x 225 mm wide with 14mm spine.

Help students to keep their forms and their diplomas in the one place with a University of Salford certificate holder. Luxuriously designed with a navy leather and inner-watered silk. Suitable for two large A4 sheets, helping students to keep multiple pieces of prior academic success in the one simple place. 

Visit the University of Salford if you wish to a see a fine example of the upwardly mobile universities in the United Kingdom so commonly is associated with.