University Of Sussex Luxury Certificate Holders


Luxury hand-made leather certificate holders, with watered silk inside to hold 2 illustrious A4 certificates, embossed with your university crest. Perfect for students!

  • Union Jack Made In Britain
  • Personal Service
  • Fast Delivery


Don’t run the risk of your degree certificate becoming lost or damaged.  Store it in a University of Sussex branded luxury certificate holder.  This navy blue leather binder has space for either one or two certificates.  Overall dimensions 318 mm tall x 225 mm wide with 14mm spine.

Make sure that any successful students from the University of Sussex can easily pick up their diploma in style. Top quality certificate designs which are designed to keep your documents at peace. Secured in a stylish navy leather to help keep the documents secure and safe for many years to come. Great for securing the safety of the documents inside so that students never need worry about documents being damaged.

The University of Sussex is among the leading universities in the region, known for its rich international programs and courses at both Undergraduate and master’s level.