Life in online schooling

25th February 2021

What do I need?

Before I begin lessons, I need to prepare. Through the day I will need a laptop to join the zoom lessons and view the work for the day. I will also need a charger just in case the laptop goes flat. A socket nearby is great. My headphones are partly for the benefit of others, they might be busy and need peace. Also, others might be making a lot of noise, so I will want to focus. I will need a paper and pen to do some jottings as well. To do lessons, it is nice to have a comfy chair and a good amount of space.

Start of the day.

At the beginning of the day I need everything prepared. It is vital that I have a nutritious breakfast, to get me going. I must be dressed as if I was to go to physical school. Simple things, like clean teeth and a neat bed actually make me feel more refreshed and ready to go! Before I log in to zoom, it is nice to have a bit of a stretch before I sit down for a certain period of time.


On zoom I enjoy going in “breakout rooms” with my classmates to work. Breakout rooms are groups of people that the host of the zoom meeting allocates people to so they can work together. It is crucial to know how to mute, turn on/off camera and raise your virtual hand. Otherwise, there could be a bit of background noise, etc! The school set us exercise tasks to go away from the screen and do. This is handy because our eyes can have a rest.

Breaktimes and lunch

During breaktimes it is great to get away from your working area, and hopefully go out of doors. There is a decent amount of time to have a rest and get some fresh air.

Where do I find what to do?

On the fridge, a timetable for the week is stuck on by a magnet, which I look at to know what lesson I am doing and which zoom to join. Canvas (which is emails to and from teachers from school) shows me the work and helpful resources the teacher has provided.

By Emily, Age 10